Matze Knop: Chances for the world title defense are very good

When it comes to football, of course, Matze Knop (43) may not be missing. The comedian is known for his footballer parodies. Whether Franz Beckenbauer, Jogi Löw or Cristiano Ronaldo, no one is safe from the 43-year-olds. Just in time for the World Cup in Russia, he also contributes with "Jogipalöw" his own World Cup anthem. Knop firmly believes that Jogi's guys can defend their championship title. "The chances are good," he explains in an interview with the news agency spot on news and analyzes the potential competitors.

Are you already looking forward to the World Cup?

Matze Knop: Of course very much. World Cup is always an absolute highlight - for me personally and of course professionally. I would like to be a player. Unfortunately, the train has unfortunately left.

Who will be world champion this year?

Knop: Germany, of course. We still have a great squad and the best national coach ever. I even dedicated my unofficial world anthem to him this year. On June 5, "Jogipalöw (The Jogi Song)" was released, based on the music of Andreas Gabalier's "Hulapalu".

So you are convinced of a title defense?

Knop: Chances are. I believe in it! Of course there is always the risk that someone else will run the race, it is clear. If there is competition at all, then France, Brazil and Spain. Argentina also always have cool players, but they do not feel their potential right on the road. In the finals of a tournament, however, the form of the day and a bit of luck always decide. I do not hope that the video evidence is here in the focus, which is used for the first time at a World Cup. When the amateur umpire, who is actually an ice cream vendor in Algeria, comes in contact with video evidence for the first time, things go awry.

Who do you consider to be the biggest competitor?

Knop: From a parodistic point of view, I would like Portugal to be a World Cup favorite because Ronaldo is one of my parade roles. But I think that it is not enough for the Portuguese to the world title. Maybe they have an outsider chance.

Who is your favorite player in the German national team?

Knop: That reminds me of several. In the defense Mats Hummels, in midfield Toni Kroos, and in front it was always Miro Klose, but I think, that is no longer nachnominiert. The comes over at most in the short term as a tourist, because he unfortunately resigned. And then, of course, I always hope that our national coach gets involved himself.

What is your favorite team - apart from Germany?

Knop: Holland and Italy are my two favorite teams this year. I think it would be cool if the two would host a friendly match during the World Cup and the winner would get the golden raspberry.

How do you watch the games? Alone, with friends, public viewing?

Knop: Hopefully in the stadium. At least once I'm in Russia. Otherwise public viewing, at the Brandenburg Gate. To look with friends is an absolute affair of the heart.

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