Martin Haas: That is how the "breakfast television" team mourns

Shock at Sat.1: As the broadcaster announced on Wednesday, the longest-serving presenter Martin Haas (1962 - 2018) died unexpectedly at the age of 55 years. Haas had moderated since 1991 the news in "Sat.1 Breakfast TV". "Our deepest sympathy goes to his family, friends and colleagues in Berlin," it says in a press release. Several employees from the breakfast television have now expressed their grief for Martin Haas via the social networks.

"Big hole in our breakfast television family"

Moderator Matthias Killing (38) found particularly moving words on Instagram: "Dear Martin, Every day you smiled when I got into the mask Every day you asked: Well my dear, how are you? Every day we do We talked about traveling, about airplanes or football, and from the very first second I was not only a trusted person but also an idol, and an exemplary colleague, always in a good mood, always full of ideas, always full of energy, I like to remember many special and collegial and friendly moments with you, joint shootings and good conversations. " Haas leaves a "big gap in our breakfast television family".

Christian Wackert, moderator and network reporter for breakfast television since December 2016, wrote about a black and white picture of Haas: "A great person, a role model and a really great colleague has left us too soon." Martin, you will miss us! "

"You are far too early"

Moderator Daniel Boschmann (37) reminded with a common selfie of his early days at "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen" in 2016: "In Munich, at the Oktoberfest, you have taken me under your wing and" instructed me. "That was a very friendly , very nice moment.Thank you, in my joint year and a half I have very quickly come to my heart.I am very glad that I was lucky enough to get to know you - but now I am infinitely sad ... You go a lot too early, "he wrote to Martin Haas. "You have been a prime example of a heartfelt, sincere and competent colleague for me, you have welcomed everyone with open arms, as have me, and have been a wonderful interlocutor with your warmhearted and gentle nature, no matter what topic you have had Always a great tip right away. "

Karen Heinrichs (43), who has been part of the Breakfast TV presenter team since 2007, symbolically lit a candle on her Instagram channel for her deceased colleague. "... for Martin ...", she posted to the photo of the white candle with burning wick.

Celebrity expert Vanessa Blumhagen (40), who has been working for the "Sat.1 Breakfast TV" since 2013, posted on Instagram: "It can not be that you'll never sit next to me on the breakfast TV sofa again, it can not be that we will never laugh again at your colorful striped socks, never again talk about Cape Town and Miami, I can not believe you're gone, just like that ... No happy "good morning" anymore when I turn around You'll miss us all so much, take care, no matter where you are now, we'll never forget you. "

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