Mark Forster: For the first time he talks a bit about politics

In political times, artists are increasingly required to take a stand. Mark Forster (34, "choirs") has not done that yet - but why? In an interview with Der Spiegel, he explains that he quite sees the problem. "You can not be totally apolitical as an artist anymore, but I also find it difficult to force everyone to politics, so I'm not everyone, I can see that too, but I often wonder: what is it, what I do not do that? "

"So my attitude to the world is just open"

After all, he is half a pole himself and also sang a Polish Christmas song on "Sing my Song", he continues. For his new album he traveled to Uganda. "That's how my attitude to the world is, simply open," explains the singer.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Forster reports of his trip to Africa: "I've always had a great love for choirs, so I just happened to watch a documentary on the 'African Children's Choir' on Netflix - just after such a choir I was looking for a long time, the next day I wrote an e-mail and a few weeks later I was already in Uganda. "

However, Forster does not want to record a political song right now, as he continues to tell the "Spiegel": "I do not have a song about a political topic, like Udo Lindenberg, I have not done that yet. that if I wrote such a song now, it would not work right again. "

So Forster does not seem to rule it out. "The fact that truth plays no role in so many facets of our society, that is the worst," explains the 34-year-old. "I want to get to the point that it's clear where I stand, and I'm looking for a way to sort it out."

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