Marie Bäumer: Confession live on TV: "Yes, I have penis envy"

Surprising confession of actress Marie Bäumer (48, "3 days in Quiberon"): In the NDR talk show "3nach9" she admitted frankly, like to be a man once. Especially because of the physical condition: "Apart from the fact that I have had penis envy since childhood and I am also open to it, it is the male physique." She would love to know that you just have power. "We women are always inferior physically, but otherwise we are superior in everything," said Bäumer.

Also Katja Riemann (54, "The Lost World"), who was also present as a guest on the talk show, could well imagine a temporary gender change - but for other reasons. She would like to understand the masters of creation better. "I'm not talking about physical things or suddenly having a penis, but how it's thought and how it's done around the heart," Riemann said. She thinks that it could definitely contribute to better understanding.

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