Marian Gold: Nobody can match Beyonce's "Forever Young" version

Alphaville made their debut album "Forever Young" in 1984 and wrote music history with songs like "Big in Japan", "Forever Young" and "Sounds Like A Melody"! 35 years later - and right on time for the Alphaville tour in March - the legendary work is now released in a completely remastered version. "That sounds really phenomenal right now, just as it should and could because we could use the analogue master tapes of all titles," enthuses singer Marian Gold in an interview with the news agency spot on news and reveals his favorite cover version of her biggest hits.

Their mega-hit "Forever Young" has already been covered by many well-known stars. Which cover version do you personally like best?

Marian Gold: I like it best when Beyoncé brings the song to life. In Los Angeles and New York, the songwriters and producers are battling that this woman uses even a tiny bass line from them on their next album, and then she's on the stage in front of 70,000 people singing our song with all the trimmings. That's how it should be.

The song appeared exactly 35 years ago, would you have thought at the time that you would still be successful in the music business today?

Gold: None of us thought about that at the time. At most, that we are dead by then.

How has the music business changed compared to today?

Gold: The business is not a bit. Why? And the music? She may have adapted more to that fact. More towards pure consumer goods, more design, less style. However, I do not think that would damage the music as a whole. After all, it is art and it is indestructible.

You are celebrating your 65th birthday this year. How old do you really feel?

Gold: So around the 990th I hope to create the thousand years yet. Then I retire.

They have seven children from four relationships. Has your creative streak transferred to your children?

Gold: I do not really care. If that was not the case, I would love her anyway. Creativity is not the brand essence of luck.

Last year you made headlines with your participation in "Sing my Song". Are more TV tours planned?

Gold: "Sing my song" is pretty much the only TV format in the field of existing music that I like. So I was glad that they asked me to. And the time together with the other artists was just great and unforgettable. That something like this is possible on TV, I never thought. Thanks Judith, Leslie, Mary, John, Mark and Rae!

A juror job in casting shows like "The Voice" or "DSDS" would not irritate you?

Gold: For heaven's sake, no! I am a musician, not a senior teacher.

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