Marcel H. faces the police - new findings after child murder!

He has asked: The 19-year-old from Herne, who has apparently stabbed a neighbor boy and boasted with his disgusting act on the Internet, is ready. Marcel H., the alleged child murderer of Herne, has been in a Greek snack on Thursday evening.

"Call the police, they're looking for me," H. said. This ends a four-day escape from the police. And H. may have committed another murder: a corpse has been found in a burning apartment near the snack bar - H. himself had called the investigators to the apartment. Who the dead and how he died, is not yet known.

Meanwhile, grisly details of the disgusting act become known. Thus, the perpetrator has killed the nine-year-old Jaden from Herne with 58 stab wounds, before he has bragged with his act in Darknet, a shielded area of ​​the Internet.

In the afternoon, the police would like to announce further details on the arrest of Marcel H.

Second suspect in custody for New Castle homicide (May 2021).

Marcel H., Police, Herne