Make-up Guide: Which eyeshadow palette suits me?

1. For the day

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For the office or on the weekend, the eye make-up should be more subtle? Nude shades match just as well as a soft light pink, copper or subtle green. Totally practical: A bright peach is also good as a blush on the cheek. So you conjure a little freshness on the cheeks. Dab the beige-white tone below the eyebrows and on the lips. So the look looks more awake and the lips look better shaped. The City Kits Urban Make-Up Set by Maybelline New York combines all the colors. About Douglas, about 13 euros.

2. The professional version

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Whole 15 tones? that's already an announcement, even with an eyeshadow palette. It usually consists of a maximum of 12 nuances. The "Matte Spectrum" by Zoeva also includes unusual colors such as dull yellow, orange, red and purple tones. Therefore, this range is more suitable for advanced users. You should have a good knack and a little skill, so that the colors can also be skilfully used. However, those who can do it will truly enjoy such a palette. About Douglas, about 35 euros

3. For the glitter queen

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Not only in the evening may it sparkle a bit more with you? Then it pays to invest in the "Narsissist Wanted Eye Shadow Palette". It is almost always sold out so you should have quick access. It includes heavily pigmented brown and rosé tones and gives the eye a super glitter look. Tip: On the movable lid, one of the sparkling tones looks especially nice and the glow is safe. About Asos, about 77 euros.

4. For the natural

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If you pay attention to your ecological footprint and still enjoy make-up, you will love Kiko's "Green Me Eyeshadow Palette". The new line consists of a high percentage of natural ingredients. So far, this often means a poorer pigmentation of the colors and not so much color selection. But the nine colors convince the opposite. Rich tones and a long shelf life characterize the eco-palette. If you like it more natural, use a brush and lightly dip it into the lighter shades of brown. Anyone looking for more expressive looks will reach for a water-moistened applicator. So the makeup will last forever. Approximately 13 euros.

5. For sexy smokey eyes

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Who creates an eyeshadow palette, which usually has the intention to make-up Smokey Eyes. For that you need many different sounds. Urban Decay's "Naked Heat" palette offers a wide selection (and is a hot favorite among fans). Remember: the darkest tone comes into the eyelid crease. On the moving a brighter glitter tone and on the inner corners of the eyes a dull beige. Here we show you step by step how to put on a sexy Smokey Eyes-Look. Approximately 53 euros.

We have put together cool eyeshadow palettes for after-shopping. Have fun clicking through!

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