Make up blue eyes? Tips and Tricks

Make-up is not just about adjusting your make-up to your skin type or hair color. Also, the colors of the eyes play a big role in the choice of eye shadow, eyeliner & Co., especially in eye make-up. We have the best make-up tips, with which colors you can put on your blue eyes and explain step-by-step what you have to look out for.

Blue eyes make-up: That fits well

When make-up blue eyes complementary colors are ideal. They make the natural eye color shine. These include:

  • Earthy colors like terracotta and apricot
  • delicate nude tones and gently shimmering rosé nuances
  • dark grays and browns
  • Champagne nuanceslike white and beige
  • Metallic colors like gold and silver

Also in terms of Smokey Eyes, you do not have to hold back with blue eyes. Here dark gray or brown tones are suitable. What you have to remember when making smokey eyes, we explain here. Whoever lashes his eyelashes with mascara, by the way, gives blue eyes even more depth.

Make-up on blue eyes: you should do without

Stay away from eye shadow in colors like Black, blue, purple or green, These Compete with your own eye color and rob the iris the glow, Anyone who puts on blue eyes in violet only risks that the make-up looks like a violet. Eyeshadow in blue also loses the eye color in the make-up. Nevertheless, you do not want to do without aqua-tones during eye make-up? Then you can accentuate blue eyes perfectly with an eyeliner or some mascara in turquoise or navy blue.

Also on the black kohl pencil on the lower waterline you should do without. Better: A nude Khol Kajal or a fine eyeliner on the upper lash line.

Make up blue eyes? Day make-up

During the day you can use warm nude or brown tones for blue eyes.

  1. First Eye shadow in gold or light brown tones on the movable eyelid Apply.
  2. If you like it more intense, draw with one Eyeliner in a dark brown on the upper lash line an eyeliner.
  3. The emphasize lower lash line with brown kohl and blot well with a cotton swab.
  4. Finally, the eyelashes vigorously with showering black or brown mascara.

You can complete the look with a gloss or lipstick in rose and apricot-colored rouge.

Make up blue eyes? Evening make-up

In the evening you can make up your blue eyes in stronger colors. Smokey eyes are ideal here.

  1. On the Eyelids to below the eyebrows Eyeshadows in shimmering beige or white give.
  2. Now with one darker gray or brown the eyelid crease and the shade outer movable eyelid.
  3. For the Smokey-Eyes-Effect one Apply anthracite-colored kajal to the upper lash line and smudge.
  4. Blow the eyelashes and the party look is ready!

Videotipp: make up Smokey Eyes

Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks | STEP BY STEP EYE MAKEUP FOR BLUE EYE (August 2020).

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