• April 14, 2021

Make lampshade made of fabric itself

Fabric lampshade - you need:

  • old duvet covers or tablecloths with lace
  • textile amplifier
  • bucket
  • brush
  • finished lamp socket with cable (eg "Hemma" from Ikea)
  • plug
  • light bulb
  • tarpaulin

Lampshade made of fabric itself - how it works:

Put the bucket upside down on a tarpaulin. Tear the fabric into several straight strips as it runs through the thread Lay the strips of fabric over the bucket until it is completely covered. Then apply the textile booster with the brush. Apply richly so that the substances can soak up. Allow the first coat to dry, if necessary, use the hair dryer to help. Then apply the second coat. Depending on the size of the bucket 2? 3 layers apply. After drying, cut a small hole in the ceiling of the shade. Screw the shield between the two parts of the lamp socket.

How to Re-Cover a Lampshade (April 2021).

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