Make fries yourself

Making fries yourself is fun and tastes great. Hard-boiled potatoes are best for French fries.

The raw potatoes are cut into pens and soaked in water for 15 minutes so that they lose some of their starch. To fry the potato pieces should be dry, so dab after pouring necessarily with kitchen paper.

Meanwhile heat the frying fat to 140 degrees. In the deep fryer, the french fries are pre-cooked for five minutes and then fried again at 175 degrees for two to three minutes.

If you do not have a fryer, you can also prepare homemade fries in the oven. Fry the potato pestles in a pan with a little hot oil, lightly salt them and then finish cooking in the 180 ° C oven.

Salt the chips well before serving. Homemade mayonnaise tastes particularly good.

You want the whole recipe? Click here for our french fries. We'll also show you how to make sweet potato fries yourself.

Crispy French fries Recipe - Homemade crispy fries recipe- Restaurant style french fries (March 2023).

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