Magdalena Brzeska: With her new friend she can imagine everything

In September, Magdalena Brzeska (40) showed her love for the first time at the Oktoberfest in Munich with her new friend Roland Klein (36). Only a few weeks later, they played in the final of the cocktail contest "Colegio & Competición" of the Spanish brandy Carlos I in Andalusia. In the interview at the edge of the event in Bodega Osborne, the couple first talked in detail about their relationship.

"We were introduced to a mutual acquaintance at the aftershow party of the" Let's Dance "final show," explains the former professional gymnast. And her lover adds: "Magdalena asked for my phone number." He already knew her "from television and media", says Roland Klein.

"Currently we are very happy"

After her separation from DJ Kai Schwarz in February 2018, Brzeska had no longer expected to find the perfect partner for herself. "I never imagined that I would ever fall in love again," said the mother of two. And Klein adds: "It feels the same as a teenager."

With her new partner suddenly the topic of family planning is back in the room. Until recently, she still thought, "that I do not want to marry children and actually not even more". With Roland, she could now but "imagine everything". And the 36-year-old is also open to such plans: "I can imagine anything, otherwise I would not be in a relationship, so let's see what happens, we're very happy right now!"

Brzeskas daughters Caprice and Noemi from their marriage with their ex-husband Peter Peschel (46) have already met the new friend. "My daughters are already big enough, Caprice does not live at home anymore and is doing an internship in Ulm, where I live Noemi lives a very long time not at home, but she knows Roland of course and everything is fine" , explains the 40-year-old. "I got to know the two daughters, they are two great, very grown-up girls and we get along very well," Klein says. Brzeska says: "Now I have the feeling of having a man by my side, me supported and where I can be as I am. "

In addition to Brzeska and Klein, the invitation to Andalusia was also followed by actor and musician Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. On the jury sat bar legend Charles Schumann, the spirits expert Jürgen Deibel and the Hamburg bartender Uwe Christiansen. Bartenders, who had submitted their cocktail creations based on the Gran Reserva brand Carlos I.

On My Way (July 2020).

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