Mackenzie Foy: Adorable in pink brocade dress

Mackenzie Foy (18, "Breaking Dawn") was one of the eye-catchers on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards on Wednesday night in Nashville, Tennessee. The US actress wore a short-sleeved, knee-length a-line pink brocade dress with white fringes at the hem. Silver sequin ribbons at the neckline, waist, hem and side along the top made for an additional glamor factor.

In addition, Foy combined white silk pumps with silver sequin buckles. On the other hand, she completely renounced jewelery. The long dark brown hair had been styled to a loose side parting. With the make-up - dark eyeliner, mascara and bright red lipstick and blush - the pale beauty created a kind of fairytale Snow White look.

The Bottle Cap Challenge by Bayley Foy — 2019 (April 2021).

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