Lumbago - these home remedies help


The best prevention against lumbago is strong abdominal and back muscles. The right training for this offer sports club, gym or the folk high school.


It is very important to do something about the pain immediately (eg 1000 mg ASA or 600 mg ibuprofen). Otherwise you will be tense with pain in the wrong posture - and this can again lead to pinching of nerves and to even stronger muscle tension. Proven homeopathic remedies are z. Rhus toxicodendron D12, Bryonia D6 and Nux vomica D12 (five beads every half an hour). Ointments with extracts of cayenne pepper (pharmacy) work well against the acute muscle tension.

home remedies

The best remedy for muscle tension is heat. In the pharmacy there are ready-to-use heat or fango packs, heat patches or vasodilating rubs. A so-called Schlenzbad has a muscle relaxant: put in warm (37 ° C) bath water, gradually increase the temperature to 42 ° C (not in circulatory problems and hypertension). Then go to bed for an hour. It is also very relaxing to lie on the floor on the back and the lower legs at a right angle to the thighs on a stool or ball sitting (pay attention to correct height!). As deep as possible in the abdomen and exhale.

When to the doctor?

If the symptoms have not improved significantly after two to three days. And with paralysis or a numb feeling on the skin.

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