"Love Island": Tracy and Marcellino win the dome show

Tracy and Marcellino won "Love Island" in 2018. They convinced the audience and were able to mobilize most callers for themselves. But how did you decide? Money or love?

During the day the couples were allowed to go on different romantic dates. The last hours were once again extensively used. A special surprise awaited Tracy and Marcellino: their mothers came to visit.

The last romantic dates on the love island

Natascha and Tobias even planned their common future during their date. "We agree somehow," the painter and painter was sure and the hairdresser added: "We can go training together." Sweet.

It became difficult shortly before the final decision: The "Islander" should write a love letter to their better half. Especially the men were visibly difficult. Not everyone seemed to take the task seriously. The texting was much easier for the ladies.

And then it was time: After weeks of flirting, dredging and "cuddling", the finale was on the plan. But before that, the candidates had to look deeply into their eyes and read their love letter to the other person. Joana and Victor's words, in particular, seemed to come from the heart.

Marcellino has the choice

But that did not convince the audience. They only landed in third place. In the end, Tracy and Marcellino prevailed against the couple, who has been snogging through the show since the first episode: Natascha and Tobias. Then came the question of all questions: money or love? Marcellino was allowed to decide: Does he keep the prize money of 50,000 euros? The answer was clear:

I'm not interested in the money. Of course I share.

Videotipp: Two of the candidates are repeat offenders!

Sieger-Paar: Tracy & Marcellino gewinnen "Love Island" 2018! (September 2020).

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