Look how fit I am! The healthies of the stars

The internet age has not only us, but also the stars firmly under control. On digital networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, everyday life is recorded with the smartphone every minute of every minute using a cell phone camera, documented in selfies and shared with fans.

For stars like Cara Delevigne or Bar Refaeli, the everyday self-portrayal on the platforms means cash. Because now determines their Followerzahl the value for model jobs and brand contracts.

What are "Healthies"?

"Healthies" is a compound word creation from the words "Health" (German: Health) and "Selfie" (German: Selbstportrait). Selfies? These are even snapped cell phone pictures, on which the person can be seen.

With health, not only can the image be improved positively, but you can also earn good money. That's why stars like Jessica Alba, Bar Refaeli or Gigi Hadid are posting more and more "healthies" about healthy food, smoothies or new sports trends they're trying for themselves.

Visual self-tests of the stars as a marketing strategy: Clever!

Posting the latest health trends inspires and tempts the fans to spread and mimic one another. The more followers of the positive lifestyle there are, the faster big brands become aware of the celebrities and attract with marketing offers and contracts.

Best example: Ellie Goulding. The British singer is an ambassador for the international sports brand Nike. Not only does she model in the brand's current sports outfits, she also participates in new projects, such as the "A Melody of Movement" campaign. But with the personal enthusiasm for sport alone - which Goulding has been doing for a long time, you will not become an ambassador. Nearly 6 million followers are the currency that interest brands like Nike. It pays off to take one or two "Healthie".

We have looked Cara and Co. on the photos and collected some impressions from the profitable, uh, healthy life of the celebrities.

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I got my yellow belt today!

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Me and my watermelons

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