• October 25, 2020

Living with blue: the color of yearning

When we live with the color blue, we opt for more than furniture, home accessories or walls in a particular shade; we choose something that is bigger than our everyday life. The expressionist painter Wassily Kandinsky wrote in 1910 before he founded the artist association "Blauer Reiter" with Franz Marc: "The deeper the blue becomes, the more it calls man into the infinite, awakens in him the longing for pure and ultimately supernatural."

That means, we are in the hardware store and looking in the paint department our favorite blue for dining table or shelf - but basically fills us with a yearning. Blue stands for the unplanned, the auspicious. In order to establish this, one does not first have to strive for the romantic poets' longing for the "blue flower"; there is really no need to mention the French painter Yves Klein, who spent years trying to find the blue of his dreams, the blue that came in His home town of Nice is formed when the sky touches the sea.

The fact that blue promises us space, freedom and infinite possibilities is proven by two out-of-fashion rituals that we should urgently revive: the blue hour and the drive into the blue. Cocktails or a tea in the blue hour, when the sun has just set - and suddenly it seems as if the approaching summer evening still long and unmanageable, full of opportunities, open to surprise, unheard, the yearning for an unplanned life, held in the magic light of Dusk.

Without plans, optimistic and open to new and foreign things is also the drive into the blue: We own the world, let's see what she has to offer us. Instead, we first hear the amusement news and then throw the route planner. The journey into the blue, however, is so called because blue is a utopian color: the sky and the sea know no boundaries and no constraints. Is this too much importance for a light blue wicker chair, which you would have painted a hair in yellow? Give it a try. Sit down. And just look what happens.

Louis Alberry - Lazy Day Blue (live at the Jungle Living Room) (October 2020).

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