Lipstick Test: The beauty editorial staff is testing the new colors

Lipstick tested: "Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick" by Elizabeth Arden

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde editor Birgit Potzkai I have to admit that I've never been a friend of the smell of all eight-hour cream products. Even when all, all models and make-up artists years ago brought the products as an insider tip into the studio and praises spoke to it, I remained stubborn. But last year I just came back from a long-haul flight, my lips were so dry, cracked and painful that I jumped into the Duty Free shop and bought me a small tube of Eight Hour Cream, adding it to me in the shop. Sensational. On the next flight I became more courageous: I bought a lip balm in bright red. I had already gotten used to the taste, the color surprisingly mingled with the lip tone. Like all other sounds too. They sound wonderful after summer: Honey, Berry, Plum. The lips are silky smooth and thoroughly maintained including color refreshment. "Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick" Plum 04. By Elizabeth Arden, 21 Euro.

Lipstick tested: "Volume Shine Ultra Glossy" by Nivea Beauté

Betti Koch, Deputy Head of ChroniquesDuVasteMonde Beauty In terms of lip color I am sparing in everyday life. Very economical even: In my handbag is a maximum of a lip gloss to find. That's probably why I like the lipstick so much. Because it does not cover, delivers just the right amount of trendy, orange-red color and gives me the feeling of creamy lips. The ultimate? Glamor promise of the company, however, I find exaggerated. Supple and well-groomed would be the better words. Looking at the INCI list, I discover a lot of good ingredients: shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil are well-known active ingredients for dry skin. Somehow typical Nivea.

"Volume Shine Ultra Glossy" in the color Mandarina 06 by Nivea Beauté, ca. 9 Euro.

Lipstick tested: "French Touch Absolu" by Lancôme

Stefanie Höfle, ChroniquesDuVasteMonde-Beauty-Editor He is very small and light and is in a nice silver case. Perfect for my dinner bag. When I see the color, I'm just startled back: Lancômes lip color for autumn seems deep red at first sight. But applied the nuance is much brighter and easier over. Rather like strong rosewood. Unusual, because I always wear poppy red, but I like it. Match my blue eyes very differently than red. The color can be applied smoothly and spread well, despite a strong shade you do not need a lip pencil. And she lasts the whole morning - even my cappuccino survives the color. After the apple I have to finish, but that has not made lipstick. "French Touch Absolu", no. 306. From Lancôme, about 33 euros.

Lipstick in the test: Sérum de Rouge by Dior

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde beauty assistant Anne Haladin: A real lipstick is rarely used for me. Too much color, too creamy consistency, too much the feeling of being made-up. I was all the more surprised by the "Sérum de Rouge". He feels as soft as a lipbalm, is slightly transparent and, despite the intense fuchsia color, somehow restrained. So I'm kissing in the morning at eight o'clock in the kitchen. My friend, a lipstick adversary, looks at me with wide eyes and I expect: "Where do you want to go?". Instead, nothing comes for a long time. And then: "beautiful color". He is right. The lipstick is not only shapely from the outside and makes with its elongated shape well in the purse? the berry tone "Raspberry" is also great for my slightly yellowish skin. He seemed perfect ... - until my friend said: "Last test: Now we'll see if he's kissable". "Sérum de Rouge", Pink Diva, about 32,50 Euro. From Dior

Lipstick in the test: "Perfect Rouge", Caramel BE 333 by Shiseido

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde employee Nele Justus: When it comes to my lips, I'm conservative: I prefer to leave loud cherry red on others - on my lips I like it discreetly. The caramel clay is therefore at first glance quite my color: the shimmering beige color fits my style (sporty-chic) ​​and my make-up (black eyeline - a must!, Volume mascara and bronzer). When applying the lipstick, I realize that you have to apply thick, so that the color lights up nicely. But then she keeps well, gives a subtle color touch (good for the Monday to Friday business look)? and maintains the lips nice and soft. "Perfect Rouge" Caramel BE 333. From Shiseido, about 25 euros.

Lipstick tested: "Rouge Coco" by Chanel

Melanie Grimsehl, ChroniquesDuVasteMonde-Beauty-Editor I like the fragrance that reminds me of tea roses, the fine packaging and the smooth texture? This is already the application of the lipstick something special. I am also satisfied with the result: The delicate rosé tone looks quite natural? if I want it stronger, I wear a little more. At first, I have an unpleasant taste in my mouth? but it disappears quickly. Unlike Longlasting lipsticks, part of the color ends up on my coffee mug? but the rest lasts for several hours before I have to add some more color. "Rouge Coco" No. 35 Chintz. From Chanel, about 27.50 euros

Lipstick in the test: "Pure Color Gloss Stick Rubellite" by Estée Lauder

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde-Beauty-Editor Sarah Raspberry red? actually not my favorite color, but in the summer just nice to slightly tanned skin and colorful clothes. Hard to feel on the lips and yet relatively intense in color, it is ideal for me and leaves no ugly abgegessenen color residues. Over time, the color simply fades, evenly! I especially like the typical "Lauder" fragrance. A teenage reminder of my very first lipstick: honey mixed with apple blossom (appreciates my nose). Unmistakable - I could sniff out among hundreds ...

"Pure Color Gloss Stick Rubellite", Fuchsia. From Estée Lauder, about 22,50 Euro.

Lipstick in the test: "Rouge Volupté Perle" by Yves Saint Laurent

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde employee Angela Schöneck: Try lipsticks, like odd trends, is part of the job description so to speak. So, come on with the black violet by Yves Saint Laurent! Well. Frankly, I was (and honestly my colleagues) very skeptical about the result. But ? Surprise ? not so bad, at least in this styling combination: Jodhpur pants, flip flops, summer complexion plus open hair. Also conceivable for autumn: black purple lips to the new salt-and-pepper suits in the men's style. What I particularly like about the pen: it slides softly over the lips and tastes a bit sweet, not unpleasant and definitely not cosmetically. But I've learned that: Do not blindfold on this Tahitian pearl dark shade. Although the pencil covers rather medium, but painted over the contours is not at all. By the way: It may be more accurate with a pencil. But just because the color is so strong, she could personally make me look like a contoured frame.

"Rouge Volupté Pearl ?, No. 106 Mesmerizing Purple (limited). By Yves Saint Laurent, about 28.50 euros.

Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together (August 2020).

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