Lea Linsters Christmas menu: nougat biscuit with marzipan forest

I beat for the chocolate dough 110 grams of soft butter, 50 grams of sugar, four egg yolks and an egg frothy. I solve 135 grams of good dark chocolate above the water bath and add the liquid chocolate to the mass. Then I hit four egg whites and 50 grams of sugar to a stiff egg whisk, which I put together with two tablespoons of cocoa powder Carefully lift under the chocolate egg mixture. I lay out a baking tray with baking paper, spread the chocolate dough on it and bake it at 180 degrees (160 degrees circulating air) for about 20 minutes. I drop the finished dough onto a wire rack and immediately remove the paper. Voilà!

Now I make the first filling: the Mousseline au praliné, a fine nougat cream. I'll do it for you a pint of milk for cooking. Then I hit three egg yolks with 75 grams of sugar with the hand mixer to a light yellow creamy mass. I'll touch that underneath a packet of cream pudding powder, I give this egg yolk cream in the milk and let everything boil up once. I pull 50 grams of butter and 80 grams of nut nougat in small pieces underneath, let cool the mass and stir it vigorously again, so that the cream is nice and smooth.

This is followed by my Macaron noisette, a nut meringue pulp. For that I roast first 85 grams of whole hazelnuts in the oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, put them on a kitchen towel and rubbele with the cloth the nut skin. Then I chop the nuts in the lightning chopper and hit three egg whites and 75 grams of sugar to a smooth, stiff snow, we professionals call him Méringue. Underneath I pick up the nuts and 40 grams of flour, I rub this mass again on a sheet of baking paper, finger-thick on half the baking sheet size. Please spread only briefly so that enough air remains in the mass!

Everything is now 15 minutes (again at 180 degrees) in the preheated oven, please do not take recirculation! I increase the temperature to 200 degrees and then bake for another ten to twelve minutes. I immediately throw it on the wire rack and moisten the baking paper with wet hands, so that it can easily be pulled off.

So, now I have to take care of the Christmas decoration: I confessed 100 grams of marzipan paste and 50 grams of powdered sugarRoll it out thin, prick starlets, fir trees, etc. with powder cookie cutters and dust with icing sugar.

Now I cut from the chocolate dough, the edges and carefully two plates. In exactly the same size, I cut the nut meringue. First, I put a slice of chocolate on a suitable large plate and coat it with half of the nougat cream. Then comes the plate of meringue mousse, then the rest of the cream and then the second chocolate plate. With a passport (or through a small hair sieve), I dust cocoa over it. And on top of that I decorate my marzipan figures. To make sure that everything looks pretty Christmas, I let a little snow trickle down with icing sugar - just as you like it. I wish you happy, blessed and enjoyable Christmas!

This is how Lea Linster makes the Christmas dessert

1. Once the chocolate dough is in the oven, she prepares the nougat cream. 2. Lea beats the meringue (Méringue) and distributes it to the baking paper. 3. The ready-baked meringue falls immediately on the wire rack and pulls off the baking paper. 4. For the decoration, Lea Marzipan rolls out and punches the figures.

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