Label "washing forbidden": With this trick it can still be in the machine!

They are there, these labels that every shopping queen dreads. Those who say that washing this garment is absolutely forbidden. This applies to materials such as real silk, cashmere, sometimes wool.

So what do you do? You can not first buy the garment first? logo. Or you can buy it and buy it very rarely, because you do not feel like constantly bringing it to the cleaners. Or but ? and that is probably the most lucrative of the three possibilities? You buy it, use it regularly and just wash it yourself!

Simply wash yourself!

Why? And above all: how? You're probably wondering about that. Let's start with the "why": If you bring a garment with a washing prohibition to the cleaning, the following usually happens: It is washed? often in the washing machine, sometimes in the tub.

So the question remains: how? What do cleanings do differently than we do? Right: not much. We can just imitate it in most cases? with this ultimate trick!

Only one thing to consider

On a former cleaning employee has revealed what the only difference is with sensitive fabrics: they should not be treated with detergent, but instead with fabric softener. "I worked for a few years in a cleaning, so I know that and would continue to do so if I had such sensitive things," writes the user.

In short, put "clothes without clothes" with fabric softener instead of detergent in the washing machine and put it in soft mode. If you do not have a washing machine with a gentle cycle, you must hand wash the clothes to avoid damaging them.

Off to the washing machine!

The comments under the washing tip contain only encouragement: "Good to have this time confirmed by a specialist, I've already washed many things that should not be washed," writes a reader. Another comments: "Honestly, sometimes I do not even look at the label ..."

A reader even completely dispenses with cleaning agents: "I only use water, it's actually the movement that makes it so clean.

Why the label ?!

If the instruction on the labels is wrong, what is their meaning and purpose? In a further comment is a comprehensible explanation for it: "The care labels serve not only the orientation of the consumer, but also the hedge of the manufacturer against complaints from the consumer side.If the manufacturer can prove that the care instructions were disregarded, the warranty is void."

Aja. Then we like to stick to the tip of the former cleaning staff. Happy washing!

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