• March 27, 2023

Knitting instructions: jacket in pear pattern

In size S and L (all figures for size L in square brackets, if they differ from size S)

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You need: 650 [700] g green wool, Schachenmayr color no. 70, "Boston" quality (70% acrylic, 30% superwash, run length 55 m / 50 g), size 7 knitting needles, 4.5 gauge crochet hook and 3 buttons 2.5 cm Ø.

Seed Stitch: 1st round: 1 sts right, 1 st. Left. alternately. 2nd and all other rows: like the 1st row, only move the pattern by 1 st, d. H. over the re. M. of the previous row li. M. and over the left. M. of the preliminary series re. Knit st.

Knitting tension: 11 stitches x 19 rows make 10 cm square.

Back: Cast on 51 [55] sts and knit in rows of pearls, removing 10 sts on both sides in the 10th row and 2 times in each 8th row. Inc 1 st on both sides at 22 [23] cm total height and 2 more times at each 8th row. When piece measures 37 [38] cm, dec 2 sts on each side and cast off 1 st in every other row 3 times. Cast off the middle 11 [13] sts at 56 [58] cm total height for the back neckline and end the sides separately. Cast off 3 sts 1 time in the 2nd round. At the same time in 56 [58] cm total height for the shoulder bevel immediately 4 stitches and then in each 2nd row 1 times 4 stitches, then bind off the remaining stitches.

Left front half: Cast on 28 [30] sts and knit in back and forth rows in a pear pattern, making the lateral decreases, increases and decreases for the shoulder, as described on the back. In 11 cm total height for the pocket intervention the 14.-24. [15-25.] M., counted from the front edge, bind off. For the pocket bag, cast 11 sts on extra needles and work 10 cm in pear pattern in rows. Take this part instead of the chained off M. on the needle and continue working. Make sure that the pattern continues correctly. Increase 1 st at the front edge in 28 [29] cm total height and 4 more times every 4th row. In 50 [52] cm total height for the front neckline 6 [7] sts and on every other row bind off 2 times 3 sts and 4 times 1 sts.

Right-front-half: Working in the same way as the left front-half. However, in 12 [13] cm total height and still work twice in every 14th R. buttonholes. For this the 4th and 5th stitch, counted from the front edge, bind off and hit in the next row again.

Sleeve: Cast on 25 [27] sts and knit in pear pattern in rows, increasing 1 st on both sides of each 14th row 5 times. When piece measures 44 cm total, 2 sts on each side, 1 st 2 times in every other row, then 1 st 4 times in each row, continue 1 st in every other row [2- times] 1 st, 2 times 2 sts, then cast off the remaining sts.

elaboration: Close the shoulder, side and sleeve seams, sew in the sleeves. Sew on the bag. For the collar, cast 43 [47] sts and work in back and forth rows in a pear pattern. When piece measures 7 cm, cast 8 stitches on both sides and 3 sts in every other row 3 times, then cast off the remaining stitches. Sew the collar from * to * with the round collar edge into the neckline, taking care when the lapels are turned over, that there are 10 cm each of the front seam allowances on the bottom side. Crochet the front edges and the collar edges with a series of warp stitches. Sew on the buttons.

Pinned into reality. Burdastyle dress pattern to jacket. Woven jacket/knit raglan sleeves. (March 2023).

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