Kluftinger: This secret will be revealed at the anniversary

Volker Klüpfel (47) and Michael Kobr (45) have spent "loosely aged 30 years" in the fifteen years in which they write books, as they explain in the epilogue to "Kluftinger" (Ullstein). This has certainly paid off: On Friday, the tenth volume of her thriller series, which the author duo has aptly named after the cult commissioner, will be released. In his jubilee case, his creators donate not only a grandchild, but also shovel his own grave. But he may first look at that from the outside ...

That's what it's all about in "Kluftinger"

On All Saints' Day a crowd gathers at the cemetery. Also Kluftinger including wife, son, daughter in law and a little grandson are on site. But for the commissioner, there is then a nasty surprise: on a seemingly freshly created grave is a wooden cross - with his own name on it. What is a shock for "Klufti" should be a great pleasure for one or the other fan. Because on the cross is the complete name of the investigator. Previously, there had already been some hints like his initials or the nickname, now the secret of his first name is revealed.

More cemetery scenes

Kluftinger himself has to get to the bottom of the mystery around his grave. Was it just a bad joke or does someone want to collar him? In the course of the case, his wife Erika will once again stand at a grave, "eyes swollen and red from crying", so much was betrayed. But there are not only farewells in the tenth "Kluftinger", the readers learn in it a lot from the past of the cult commissioner. Crime fans can also look forward to a little surprise: Kluftinger meets a well-known colleague of another thriller series.

For Kluftingers anniversary Michael Kobr and Volker Klüpfel deliver the fans some special delicacies. They can especially enjoy the readers, who are well acquainted with the squeaky commissioner. Already in 2003 his first case appeared with "Milchgeld". Kluftingers popularity increased rapidly, film and theater adaptations followed. In the Allgäu there are even Kluftinger tours for tourists.

Ticketverkauf startet (March 2023).

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