KIs can do that: artificial intelligence is used for this?

Blessing or maybe even danger? This has long been discussed in the context of artificial intelligence (AI). Simple forms of AI are now used in industry and in private life in many places. But there are also areas where an AI has lost nothing - you might think. These five quirky examples have probably no longer asked whether one should, but only whether one can use artificial intelligence.

Whiskey from the mainframe

The origins of whiskey date back centuries, but in 2019 the stimulant may reach a new stage of evolution. Microsoft introduced the first whiskey developed by an AI last week. Founded in Sweden in 1999, Mackmyra works with Microsoft and Fourkind to bring KI whiskey closer to the world. Fed with all the necessary data, the AI ​​used is able to generate around 70 million different recipes, which she believes the end product will be popular with customers.

If you leave the whiskey in the bar and prefer flirting with a few women or men, you might be able to make use of start-up suggestions that have been devised by an AI. Janelle Shane, who trains artificial neural networks, published in her blog some of the results of a similar experiment. These range from an almost fatalistic "I do not know you" to a bumbling-charming "You are so beautiful that you know what I mean".

There is Walter!

No longer only toddlers look in the popular British book series "Where is Walter?" after the eponymous globetrotter who hides in hidden objects. The creative agency redpepper built a small robot in 2018 and equipped it with the capabilities of Google's AutoML Vision. Machine learning was used to teach the robot to seek and find Walter. The life's task of the device is only to search books for Walter.

Speaking of books ... After feeding an AI with the seven "Harry Potter" novels, the Botnik Studios had them write a possible new chapter in the young wizard's life. The result is called "Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looks Like a Large Pile of Ash". How sensible it all is, it can certainly argue - but it is always funny. Small tasting? "Harry knew Voldemort was right behind him, he could feel a great overreaction, Harry pulled his eyes out of his head and threw them into the woods."

The whole thing becomes surprisingly profound from time to time with the so-called Inspirobot, an AI that constantly invents new motivational posters. For a picture of several hemp leaves it says: "You are hungry." In the meantime, a man in front of a waterfall is being labeled "ignore the plan, not the success". And do not forget: "Fear the loners."

What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)? (July 2020).

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