Kim Kardashian: With this action, her five-year-old has impressed her

Kim Kardashian, 38, is damned proud of her five-year-old daughter North West. She can not only dress herself, she can also skilfully combine the clothes, tailor accessories to each other, catch earrings that are bigger than her head and then pose for Instagram like a bored rock star. Exactly this picture presented Kim recently, when she came home from work.

The mother shared the story on Instagram with a photo of the stylish daughter: "I did not think my daughter would develop her love of clothes and jewelry so early." I actually came home from work yesterday and found North so dressed with all of mine Things. [...] I love my Fashionista Northie so much! " Since children usually mimic what their parents think of them, North's development is not necessarily surprising. By the way, the designer sunglasses are Norths, Kim had them custom made so she does not have to borrow them all the time. A detail of the offspring outfit inspires especially: at the end of their braids, the small cult trolls from the nineties are interwoven.

Mama Kardashian is often criticized that her daughter could not live her childhood. But Kim does not always have it with her model-loving five-year-old. A week ago, the reality star documented a small tantrum from North after telling her that she should not take Kim's pink, tall snakeskin boots out of the house.

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