Keira Knightley: She does not like the media hype

Keira Knightley (33, "Actually ... love") has now overcome her mental health problems. In an interview with the stylist page, the actress again reveals how bad she was a few years ago and what lessons she learned. Despite his great success, Knightley was anything but happy back then. In response, she took a step back in early 20s due to a post-traumatic stress disorder and took a distance from the showbiz. Otherwise, "she would have given up".

Since then, she has again shot blockbusters, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's revenge," but is still facing them critically. These films would "not fit their desired lifestyle". Especially the media hype surrounding Blockbuster is "too much" for her. She was grateful that she had no financial pressure at the time and could regain her mental health in peace. It would not be so for everyone, says Knightley, and points out that more should be done for the mentally ill - including financially.

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