Kate Winslet Appeals: Less Naked Skin on the Red Carpet

With this opinion, Kate Winslet (42) could cause some of her fellow actors for displeasure. The "Titanic" star criticized overly provocative outfits on the red carpets of this earth? she encouraged the celebrity women to dress there more chastely in the future. Too much bare skin just to stare, so Winslet, according to the British page "Daily Mail".

Do women insist on being stared at?

"I find it uncomfortable to see women who clearly present themselves in a way that strikes to be stared at, but for entirely false reasons," says Winslet.

When I enter a room, I hope to have interesting conversations. I'm not interested in people looking at me or not. In fact, the opposite is true.

Winslet has this conservative attitude of her late mother Sally, it goes on. "My mother used to say, 'I do not like show-offs, please do not wear show-off clothes.'"

Morena Sex (July 2020).

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