Karl Lagerfeld upset environmentalists

Fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld has caused a stir with his Chanel fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week. The environmental federation France Nature Environnement expressed harsh criticism. Nature does not mean cutting down trees, hitching them to a truck to stage a show and then throwing it into the dumpster, the association said. This was "the lack of consideration for the environment in the luxury industry" has been illustrated. What happened?

For the presentation of the winter collection of Chanel, an autumn forest was created, as can be seen on the official Twitter account. For example, mossy trees were set up for this setting. But the luxury label countered the criticism already. One will plant "100 new oak trees in the heart of the same forest", it says in a statement, one would have committed themselves to the purchase of trees. A stale aftertaste remains.

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Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Paris Fashion Week

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