Just in time for the weather: this cult sneaker is finally available in waterproof!

Chucks are now for nasty Matschwetter

Jippieh - we can finally buy our favorite shoes in a waterproof version! We secretly waited a long time and always wondered why this variant did not exist. Until now! The fabric shoes, which are actually only suitable for fair weather days, have now received a robust and water-resistant upgrade. And with water-resistant we do not mean that sometimes a droplet on the shoe, but that the shoes a heavy rain or snow show nothing more. The old rubber boots, we can therefore confidently stand in the closet!

Chuck Taylor All Star II Waterproof

Converse has released the "Chuck Taylor All Star II Waterproof" in four colors: beige, black, dark brown and rust brown. In addition to a thick profile sole, the sneaker also has a double-thick layer of material that protects the foot from cold, mud and rain. Wet or freezing feet in chucks? This is now a thing of the past! The four unisex models you can buy here from 130 euros.

And this is how the models look like:

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You want to wear your chucks, but have not you got the new waterproof version yet? Then you can read a hack here, how you can waterproof your fabric shoes with wax:

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