Jungle Camp 2019: The second candidate is Sibylle Rauch

While Doreen Dietel (44, "Dahoam is Dahoam") and Felix van Deventer (22) did not fare too well in the jungle exam, Chris Töpperwien (44) and Bastian Yotta (42, "The Yotta Bible") simply wanted to quarrel do not rest. However, Sibylle Rauch (58) can not care less now because she was chosen from the show on the ninth day.

A failed reconciliation attempt

Before the out-elected Domenico de Cicco (35) turns away from his fellow candidates with a "Woah, that's awesome, ey!" When he said goodbye, he tried to reconcile the two suspects Yotta and Töpperwien the previous evening - without success, as one player proved. "I did not start that shit," Yotta told Felix and Domenico in a small group. "He's to the press and shit has talked about me," said the muscle man and called Töpperwien as "backfotzige bastard. [...] Fuck me and I fuck you twice back."

Nevertheless, Yotta tried to take his camp nemesis aside and talk to him for two minutes. Currywurst man Töpperwien blocked but directly from. "I do not want to have anything to do with this guy," he said in an interview. While philosophizing elsewhere that only the viewer sees "the true faces" of camp inmates, Felix believed that the two were conducting their constant battle for publicity purposes only.

Also between actress Doreen Dietel and Gisele Oppermann (31) seething. At the campfire, Doreen blabbered with Bobpilot Sandra Kiriasis (44) about the model. Gisele is "zero team", said Sandra. Doreen replied, "I'm through with Gisele." She was "never met such a person." The aversion is obviously based on reciprocity. While the rest of the camp later enjoyed a rather successful jungle test by Felix and Doreen, Gisele could only comment negatively: "Yes, better than nothing, eh?"

Tears of joy

Although Felix van Deventer revealed a few days ago that he will be a dad, with Chris Töpperwien he spoke again about the upcoming offspring after he asked: "What's going on in your brain?" Chris' answer to the baby news: "Fuck the hen, ey." Since Felix could only "yes, you can not better," "reciprocate. Although he does not yet know whether it will be a girl or a boy, but he wishes himself "a little princess." He could not describe his feelings.

"I'm going to be daddy," the actor's tears came before he made a sweet declaration of love. He never thought that I could love a woman so much that at the age of 22 I can say, 'I'll marry this woman.' I'm the luckiest person in the world. " In addition, want to become a "cool daddy" and really spoil his child.

A test between crocodiles and rats

For the first time, the campers were allowed to choose among themselves, which have two candidates in the new jungle exam. Doreen was determined after the election, but there was a tie between Sandra and Felix. Quickly, the 44-year-old decided to take the young Felix. We rock that, "the two said before the exam - and they should be right, too.

In "Circus Felido" the duo had to perform four different numbers. As magicians, they were supposed to conjure two stars out of big cylinders. With Doreen it worked for the last second, but Felix failed. No problem, at least once a star. As an animal tamer, the actress should then put in a cage for two minutes - with crocodile Jeff. Felix, on the other hand, was supposed to sort out rats and put the right ones on three podiums. Both were successful: four stars!

Two other stars were there in the actor's number with a seesaw in fish sauce catapulted soaked balls in the air, which he caught. In the last task, the duo should unfortunately fail. In oversized clown pants, in which even green ants were filled, Felix should throw his camp colleague with "jungle pies". Too few landed in the face of Doreen - and so it remained at seven of eleven possible stars. "Very cool," said Yotta, as the two came back. Pop singer Peter Orloff (74), of whom almost nothing else was to be seen, was looking forward to the "feast".

First there was a kangaroo tail

Then the audience should call for the candidates. "Popsicles" star Sibylle Rauch and Bastian Yotta were on the tip. Finally, the moderators Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel Hartwich (40) announced that Sibylle must leave the camp.At least she was allowed to gnaw a kangaroo tail in the course of the new episode for dinner, which Gisele had previously earned in her jungle exam next to fish, pumpkin and other foods. No, not a kind of "tail", even if Sibylle and Evelyn Burdecki (29) were not so sure.

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