Jonathan Elias Weiske: As a movie son of Sylvie Meis in the cinema

"Sylvie is a beautiful woman," enthuses Jonathan Elias Weiske (23) in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The actor will be seen on the 14th of March as Sylvie Meis' (40) son in the movie "Misfit". A remake of the eponymous mega-hit from the Netherlands. While he was already in front of the camera at the age of five, Meis is best known as a model and presenter. Whether she has what it takes to be an actress and what fans of the teen strip with influencer and singer Selina Mour (18) can expect in the lead role, reveals Weiske in the interview.

Her parents are both actors. You yourself were already at the age of five in front of the camera. Was there any other career aspiration than an actor?

Jonathan Elias Weiske: No! I was fortunate enough to find something that fulfilled me very early on. The acting. Something else was never an option.

Did your parents encourage you to pursue an acting career or would you rather have a different job for you?

Weiske: Quote from my father: "Son, please do something right!". Initially, they did not encourage me, but they did not stop me either, for which I am very grateful. In the meantime, I think they are very glad that I did not let them dissuade me.

As of March 14, you will be screened in the movie "Misfit", a remake of the eponymous Dutch movie hit. Did you see the original?

Weiske: Sure! Normally, as an actor, you only get a script, a producer's note, and more notes to decide if you want to do a project. In that case, we had an already finished movie, from the same team and director. I looked at the original movie and I knew I wanted to do it!

The film is reminiscent of the numerous US teen comedies. Did you even like to watch "American Pie" and Co.?

Weiske: Definitely! I think every pubescent boy knows and enjoys such films. As a teen, you often can not really identify with all the adult problems, which is why it's these films that are mostly about school, the first kiss and friendships that inspire the younger generation. But in the end everyone, no matter which generation, has lived through these times and therefore everyone can identify with this stage of life and the associated feeling. It is this certain lightness, the theme of love, a lot of humor and, above all, the positive mood that makes these films such a pleasant experience.

Her filmmaker plays Sylvie Meis. How did you experience the Dutch?

Weiske: As a very professional, disciplined, but above all, very warm woman. We got along great, regardless of the shooting.

She is best known as a model and presenter, does she have what it takes to become an actress?

Weiske: But something from! In front of the camera, she knows exactly what she's doing, whether for TV or cinema.

Would Sylvie be the type of woman you like?

Weiske: Sylvie is a beautiful woman! Who does not like that?

Do you still have contact?

Weiske: You also wrote after the shoot from time to time, but sporadically, as we both have of course always a lot to do. But I mean, every kid has to take off his parents.

Are you currently in a relationship?

Weiske: No, unfortunately not.

Where do you see yourself in ten years - both professionally and privately?

Weiske: Acting is and remains my passion, but as an actor you end up only working for the idea / vision of another. I have so many own ideas, visions, scripts that I want to realize in the future, which is why I will definitely produce my own works in ten years time. But also privately I have my own vision: home in Germany and America with wife, children and dogs.

MISFIT - Offizieller Trailer - ab 14. März im Kino (July 2020).

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