Johnny Depp: Ballermann star Lorenz Büffel finally meets his idol

Johnny Däpp meets Johnny Depp! Ballermann star Lorenz Büffel (39) made a real dream come true yesterday. He finally stood face to face with his great idol, Hollywood star Johnny Depp. The US actor is the eponym for buffalo mega hit "Johnny Däpp". For the partysong, he last received the golden record (over 280,000 copies sold).

"I am the Oberdepp!"

Depp is currently touring Europe with his band Hollywood Vampires and stopping in Mönchengladbach on Thursday. An opportunity that the Ballermann star did not miss. Together with his producer Ikke Hüftgold (42), he used a photo session of the band to show the actor his Golden Record.

The actor even took a few minutes and explained, looking at the cover of the mega-hit: "I know, Depp means idiot in german!" Which finally led to a witty exchange of blows. Because Buffalo explained then: "I am the Oberdepp!" Whereupon Depp clarified: "I am a total idiot".

A dream comes true

Depp back and forth, for the joint photo, all three finally grinned cheerfully into the camera. "For me, a dream came true! I met my great idol", Buffalo enthuses afterwards. "That was a blatant week for me: on Saturday I got the gold record for 'Johnny Däpp' and today I meet the real one!"

Johnny Depp (March 2023).

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