Joey Heindle: The former "DSDS" candidate is in love again

The former jungle king Joey Heindle (25, "Every day counts") presents himself in love with Instagram: In the photo he tenderly kisses his new girlfriend Ramona Elsener on the cheek. She is a Swiss figure skater. "Thanks for always standing behind me like that, Joey and Mona," the singer says thanks under the picture.

His fans wish him good luck in the new relationship: "It's great that you're happy again, only the best have you earned," you can read there. Joey Heindle had Justine Dippl married in May 2017 - in August 2018, however, the two announced their separation. The former "DSDS" candidate had met his ex in 2014.

DSDS 2012 Steintor Hannover Casting Bus (August 2020).

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