Job advice: I would recommend Heidi Klum!

Katrin Wilkens (45) studied rhetoric and worked as a trainer in further education. Since 2000 she writes as a freelance journalist and others. for mirror, time, FA and Nido. What she is really good at: portraying important and less important personalities, that they howl with happiness. Or with anger. Combine. To put things in a nutshell. To look into people. Discover special features. With her agency "" (which is Japanese and means "change", "journey"), the mother of three advises women on their return - and promises: "In the end you have one answer: the tailor-made job."

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Talk show, foundation, fashion line? Oh no!

Just suppose Heidi Klum would one day feel too old for professional youth, everyday grin and the sentence? I have no photo for you ?.

Seating them in job counseling and looking for a new direction would be the first question: a new job? with or without prominence?

Prominence would be easy: a talk show, a foundation, a clothing line. Anything that could be marketed medially would target Klum's core competences: sunshine attitudes + media + professionalism are her cardinal values.

A life beyond glamor

But it would be more exciting to think about what this woman could do if she wanted to start a new life beyond appearances. We would probably work out a proposal for them that is as far away from their previous actions as possible, even to avoid the risk of comparability. Would you recommend a model agency for Silver-Agerinnen, it would be as if Boris Becker played senior tennis in Wimbledon. Always with the knowledge: In the past I was more important, more agile, better, immortal.

When you shake up Heidi Klum's gifts, a fresh, cheerful, health-and-stability-packed Made-in-Germany product comes out, which in the second half of life could well be used on projects beyond glamor.

What stands out above all is her unusually close relationship with her parents. The parents not only manage their daughter, they are "role model", Instragram inspiration (Heidi post old photos of the parents as a young couple) and were even present at the birth of the grandson. "That was an experience I would like to share with my whole family," Klum said back then. Hm, and when does she give her parents, perhaps only symbolically, something of this sacrifice?

How about: A senior residence in the US?

She could found a German retirement home in the US that brings together luxury and German cosiness: Thuringian dumplings instead of asparagus pasta, living room instead of lofts,? Schwarzwaldklinik? instead of Netflix. Heidi's core virtues would be well applicable:

  • Happiness: you need for the vision, the structure and in the daily dealing with the seniors
  • Fun with a certain repeatability of processes: learned with television, this is worth a lot for the structured handling of senior citizens and their helpers
  • Ahead of building a brand: As professional as Heidi staged, it can also build a chain of senior citizens, similar to the Augustinum - only with the factor? German Gemütlichkeit? instead of bloodless luxury
  • Heidi Klum's close relationship with her parents is believable and a good sales argument

Heidi and seniors know: to let go, to give up

What Heidi Klum is particularly good at: Smiling away ambition or, as the Americans always demand: If someone gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them. This attitude meets the need of many seniors not to think about their own mortality all day, but to try to stay on the ball self-optimizing. As with the gala dinner of a cruise ship, some evening events in senior citizen facilities also look good. To let go is to give up. Nobody but Heidi knows this wisdom better than the clientele over 70.

Of course, I know that such a retreat for the elderly will never happen. Brain confetti. Much more likely will be that Heidi will market her eldest daughter as her father did with her.

But the thought experiment helps anyway. First, to compare with your own life: What would be possible with me? Am I so fed up with such a thought experiment (? Och, actually good, as I have it?) Or I am hungry ("Oh, great, what is still possible?")? And second, to "take nothing as it is": Heidi finally did not say then, "Oh, the camp field does not like me, then I'll just do something else".

Anyone who considers what fits which celebrity often comes up with creative ideas. And why, dammit, should not you try one of them?

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