Jessica Williams: She becomes a serial star

Jessica Williams (29)'s career is set to go uphill: Having starred in the Netflix movie "The Incredible Jessica James" (2017), the actress now has the next role in her pocket: she is featured in the series adaptation of "Four Weddings and a death "play one of the main characters, as reported, inter alia," Variety ".

In the limited series for the US video portal Hulu, Williams' role, the ambitious campaign manager Jess, is torn from her hamster wheel as she embarks on a trip to an old friend's wedding. The adventure leads them straight into a life crisis - but you can be sure that this goes out well. In the original film in 1994, Hugh Grant (58, "Notting Hill") played the bachelor whose life is turned upside down.

Hidden Series 1 Trailer (December 2020).

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