Jenson Button: Formula 1 star in love happiness

Former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button (38) has become engaged to his girlfriend Brittny Ward (27). The ex "Playboy" model posted a romantic picture on Instagram. Then the couple looks deeply into each other's eyes. She announced the engagement with the text "Soon Mrs. Button". The photo and the announcement can also be found on Instagram's Instagram page. On the snapshot, both are barefoot and wearing coordinated dark blue outfits: a suit with a white shirt and a silk dress with a high leg slit.

The couple is said to be dating since March 2016. Three months earlier, Button had confirmed the separation of wife Jessica Michibata (33), the model he had married in late 2014. Previously, he was among others with the model Florence Brudenell-Bruce (32) have been together.

F1 | Jenson Button Farewell Tribute | Thank You Jenson! (July 2020).

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