Jada Pinkett Smith admits: Your wedding with Will Smith was not voluntary!

Surprisingly honest details about their relationship and marriage were announced by the Smith family in Jada Pinkett Smith's (47) Facebook series on Monday. Among other things, the wife of Will Smith (50, "Hardcore") chatted that at first she did not want to marry at all, but she got pregnant and suddenly felt immense pressure - also from her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

Jada Pinkett Smith cried on marriage

At the actual wedding, she was ill and therefore in a bad mood. It was "terrible," agrees her mother. "I was so stinking that I had to marry, I was so angry, so I just cried all along the corridor," Smith also said.

Before the wedding, she and Will had been dating for about two years, before she became pregnant with her son Jaden. "Immediately after the act, I realized that I was pregnant," says Smith. Will did not believe her, but she knew: "I could feel that in my stomach, in my womb."

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Jada Finally Broke Me. (December 2020).

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