Ivanka Trump: Sexist Art? Now she is responding via Twitter

Is that art or can it go away? The US presidential daughter Ivanka Trump (37) responded via Twitter on a questionable installation in Washington DC. Apparently she seems personally attacked by it. In a short statement, she said, "Women can nip or build each other up, and I choose the latter." To this end, she linked an article in the US newspaper "The Hill" on a vacuuming doppelganger, which is currently seen as an art object in the Flashpoint Gallery in the US capital.

The installation under the name "Vacuuming Ivanka" can be visited throughout February. A doppelganger is there in a Ivanka-typical dress armed with a vacuum cleaner to find. In front of it is a mountain full of bread crumbs that can be thrown by the visitors. The Ivanka-Lookalike then absorbs the bread crumbs again from the red velvet carpet.

In the US, a dispute over the installation is burning now. Critics accuse the performance artist Jennifer Rubell (49) of sexism against the political enemy. Others find the "Vacuuming Ivanka" as a successful gag with a profound message. Even parts of the Trump supporters find the installation not so bad: After all, it is visualized that it takes a Trump to take away the dirt in Washington. Ivanka does not see it that positively ...

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