It - Part 2: Actor Skarsgård promises terrible scary clown

It comes back - and bloodthirstier than ever. A few months before the theatrical release of the second installment of the remake of Stephen King's scary classic "It", Pennywise cast member Bill Skarsgård (28, "Deadpool 2") fans promised a horror clown who would live up to its name. In an interview with US Entertainment Weekly, Skarsgård promised fans in "It: Chapter 2" would be looking forward to an even bloodthirsty iteration of dancing clown Pennywise.

In the interview, the actor gave a foretaste of the film: the clown has changed in the 27 years since his defeat against the "Losers' Club". Skarsgård said, "He has not changed in the sense that he looks different now, he looks the way he wants to, but there is a change."

Pennywise feeds on fear, has first experienced fear in the first film (as well as in the book template) firsthand. "His last sentence - 'Fear' - shows how he experiences that very fear for the first time and now he is somehow shocked, perplexed and surprised," the actor explained. Like a violent partner who has gotten one himself and is now out for revenge.

Skarsgård said "EW": "This feeling drives the hatred and anger on the children." The children are now adults in the second part. They have to return to their hometown of Derry to face Monster Pennywise a second time. In the first fight against the clown, they merely drove him back to his hiding place. Hatred and anger have changed Pennywise over time. "I think Pennywise will be even more vicious now," Skarsgård said. "This time he really means it."

How serious, the heart attack resistant horror fans will experience from the 5th of September, when "It: Chapter 2" in theaters starts. Meanwhile, the trailer, which will be released on Thursday, will give a foretaste of the new horror clown.

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