In the cinema: Star Trek - The future has begun

The young Mr. Spock

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I admit, I was skeptical when I heard about the planned "Star Trek" reissue. No one would reissue "Sex and the City" and replace Sarah Jessica Parker with Hannah Montana. A teen-friendly young version of Mr. Spock? Not!

But: The rejuvenation works surprisingly well. That's because director J.J. Abrams (invented, among others, the hit series "Alias" and "Lost") neither the restart cliché "harder, darker, more realistic" served (such as James Bond), even as unpleasantly childish as the last Star Wars films , Even intrusive insider gags for longtime Star Trek fans, there are hardly.

Abrams, who claims to have never really cared about "Spaceship Enterprise," instead offers a reboot for his peers: a very entertaining science fiction movie that does not take you 40 years to study Star Trek history.

So Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is a hooligan hooligan on a whim, heading to Starfleet to become captain. Mr. Spock ("Heroes" star Zachary Quinto) is not his officer, but his boss. And in the first place, the crew can not stand it right at first - but they still have to work together when they immediately follow an emergency call on their first assignment.

The plot about villain Nero (Eric Bana) and his attack on Earth is not terribly original, but staged with a lot of wit and speed. And: By a dramaturgical trick is even explained why everything is so different, as it is otherwise known by the "Enterprise". Thus, notoriously whimsical "trekkies" are quieted, without boring a new audience with superfluous background knowledge.

Only in one point is the rejuvenation of the crew a bit over the top: Spock's mother is played by Winona Ryder, who is clearly too young to be part of a space senior. The solution: She has to walk around dressed as a white-haired pensioner the whole movie. Perhaps one should not have forgotten in the spirit of youth, that old actors somehow credible act in old roles.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Everything You Didn't Know | SYFY WIRE (December 2020).

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