Imposters: US series highlight for those who do not like zombies

Anyone who did not switch off immediately after the 20:15 pm broadcast on VOX in the past four weeks on Wednesday evening could see the new US series "Imposters" (since 2017). There were not too many according to the quota. Too bad, because this format is a welcome change to zombies, vampires, fantasy medieval, murder and manslaughter. Nevertheless, the black-humored drama series is packed. The viewers and critics in the US, the season two is currently running there and a season three was confirmed in April. Since April 25, the first season runs in this country in the TV program and finds its completion today.

That's the story

Wrap around your finger passionately and then leave icy cold - this is the specialty of Maddie Johnson (Inbar Lavi). She is a successful marriage swindler who brings both men and women for their money. Three of their victims - Richard (Parker Young), Jules (Marianne Rendon) and Ezra (Rob Heaps) - who meet more or less by chance, decide to seek the culprit. They also become sophisticated tricksters. But at some point the FBI comes to the rescue ...

The leading actress and the Hollywood star

The most famous face of the series is certainly Hollywood star Uma Thurman (48, "Pulp Fiction", "Gattaca", "Kill Bill"), even if she is only seen in a supporting role. She plays Lenny Cohen, the brutal henchman of Maddie's boss Max (Brian Benben). When it is suspected that Maddie falls in love with one of the next victims, she is sent to bring the young marriage swindler back on track ...

In the main role is the Israeli actress Inbar Lavi (31) to see. She has been in the serial business for ten years, and her long filmography includes TV hits such as "Prison Break," "Sons of Anarchy," "CSI: Vegas," "CSI: Miami," "LA Crash," and so on She starred in the MTV series "Underemployed" (2012-2013).

This awaits the spectators in the next episode

On Wednesday, VOX shows from 22:30 clock the episode "Next, please," and then from 23:25 clock the episode "No View Back". This ends the first season ...

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