• July 15, 2020

If he does THAT during sex, he really loves you!

Maybe you have never paid attention, but does your sweetheart do these things when sleeping with you? Congratulations, that is a hidden proof of love!

He responds to your wishes

Of course, non-binding one-night stands do not always come at its expense. First, it is because they are not matched and on the other hand, that everyone wants to get the maximum for themselves. Does he really care about your preferences, then this is definitely a sign of affection and he says quietly: "You are important to me!"

He gives you time

Men who are emotionally unaffected will hardly wait for a long time for the first sex with you. If it does not work out with you, try it at the next ...

He makes you (honest) compliments

The difference between an honest and a dishonest compliment? This is mostly in the individual! While a "You have beautiful eyes" but rather trite, come on "Only with you I have the 'Everything is perfect' feeling" already more impression, right?

He then cuddles with you

He immediately jumps after sex and disappears? Not a good sign! If he takes the time to cuddle with you, it shows that you are his favorite person!

He is looking for closeness

Spoon is dearer to him than doggy? That has to mean something - because in any position he can build up so much closeness to you. However, by implication, it does not mean that men who enjoy doggy do not love their mates ...

He talks to you about personal matters

He tells you intimate (sexual) details nobody else knows about him? That means he trusts you - and feels a lot for you!

He sees contraception as a common task

For some men, it is out of the question to use condoms. And that the pill is unhealthy for the woman, you dare. A man who loves you speaks openly with you about the question of contraception - and is also willing to take action yourself.

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