Icy eye-catcher: Semi-Naked Cake with flowers

In the spring, the wedding season starts again and there are no limits to the creativity of baking. Whether you bring a cake as a wedding guest or prepared gifts for the guests as a bride and groom? you need the right recipe.

Barbara von Baking Barbarine has long considered at her own wedding, with which gift she would like to surprise her guests. So came the idea for a wedding baking book. A beautiful selection of gifts and ideas for juicy and great-looking wedding cakes has been immortalized in this book. On 83 pages there are 44 recipes with many tips, decoration ideas and step-by-step instructions. Take a look at this semi-naked cake with flowers, for example? Is not this a really great wedding cake?

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Every floor is different

This cake looks just stunning! The trick: every floor is different. The lower floor consists of a blueberry cake. Between each soil comes blueberry jam and a cream cheese cream. For the middle floor, make a dough with white chocolate. This is then coated with raspberry jam and a cream cheese topped with raspberries. The top floor is covered with a apricot jam and a quark cream and covered with blueberries.

Afterwards, the whole cake is wrapped in curd cream and decorated with flowers, cake topper and berries. With this cake, there are so many surprises and it will not be boring. Since every hobby baker can let off steam! Optically, the Semi-Naked Cake is also ideal as a cake for your winter wedding.

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On the blog Baking Barbarine you will find many more recipe ideas for rummaging and cooking. In the local shop you can also order the baking book.

How To Make A NAKED FLORAL TIERED WEDDING CAKE! Vanilla and chocolate cakes, buttercream & flowers! (October 2020).

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