"I love you" - women say it, men iron

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Already with the first relationship women usually recognize: men express their feelings obviously different! This has now been underlined by a recent study from the US, which takes up the journal "Psychology Today" in its new edition. The researchers interviewed 164 couples directly after the wedding, after the first two and after 13 years of marriage.

The positive: men and women feel equally strong feelings for each other. Only the way love is shown, there are big differences: women explain their love with words, compliment and show interest in others. Men, however, bring her "I love you" u.a. Expressing their desire to engage in sex more often, spend their free time with their wives - and voluntarily iron or rinse.

The first reaction in the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde editorial conference: "Oh, that's generous, it's probably no proof of love that men help in the household, but of course." And: "Men also have sex with women who do not love them, how can one differentiate that?"

In fact, when rinsing and scrubbing linen immediately to recognize the great love, women are not exactly easy. Is not there any more to sustain love? Or do women just ask too much and should rather enjoy the little gestures?

How do you see that? How does your partner prove his love to you? Are you grateful for small love gestures or do you wish for more loving words?

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