I'll squeeze you!


1. She raises the mood
Sour makes fun? Have we all heard? And even if we do not have to curl up with a glass of lemon water just to laugh, the essential oils of the lemon will make you happy in any case. Because they stimulate the brain and there ensure an increased release of the hormone serotonin. And now let's just go one step further: The fragrance molecules of the lemon also act on the receptors of the activity centers in the brain, and that makes us even more awake.


2. Everything tastes better with her
Jamie Oliver, Tim Mälzer, Wolfram Siebeck? they all swear by the citrus fruit. The fresh juice and the aroma of the shell refine almost every dish. You can marinate meat with it, mix salad dressings, cook fish, jam jam, bake the most delicious cake and prevent the apple from becoming brown. It makes water fresh and the Cuba Libre even better. Without them in the kitchen so almost nothing? with her almost everything.


3. It helps us to stay healthy
Have we all heard this many times: The juice of a lemon is rich in vitamin C. That helps the body to strengthen the immune system? and so have colds and infections no longer so easy game. In addition, the ingredients of the lemon allow to absorb iron better. This gives the immune system an extra kick.


4. She makes us more beautiful
Lemon juice contains plenty of antioxidants. These are the little things that help the body combat harmful free radicals. Why does that make us more beautiful? Because the free radicals, for example, drive the aging process of your skin. And even if we all are of course totally to our wrinkles, it does not hurt, if the next ten still a bit in coming.


5. It generates electricity
There is a lot of power in the lemon. So much so that you can even generate electricity with it. To do this, place two different metals, such as copper and iron, in a lemon and connect them together. Works like a small battery. But it is much more environmentally friendly ...


And? Are you already on the verge of planting your own tree? Should you do. Really. Because the lemon can do a lot more: remove stains, neutralize bad smells, remove sweat stains from t-shirts, evict ants, and, and, and. Since a tree is almost not enough. Actually, you would need almost an entire plantation. Oha, we'll start right away.

I'll Squeeze You Dry (July 2020).