How? This home remedy makes your teeth whiter

With only two ingredients you get whiter teeth!

You can easily try this trick yourself at home! You only need two things for your own tooth-and-tooth paste: coconut oil and turmeric. Then you take every day a teaspoon of coconut oil and stir with him a knife tip turmeric.

With this mixture, you then brush your teeth and let them to act for five minutes, Finally, you brush your teeth again with normal toothpaste and rinse the last remnants thoroughly.

And then: sit back and watch your teeth turn a little whiter every day! If you use this trick regularly before brushing your teeth, you will soon see how strong the effect is.

Danger: Your toothbrush will turn bright yellow due to the mixture. Therefore, take better separate brushes to brighten and brush your teeth. And do not forget: Of course you have to rinse thoroughly afterwards, otherwise your teeth will take on the turmeric color in the long run, which you probably do not want.

Bleaching can have disadvantages

Of course, for whiter teeth there are also proper cosmetic treatments, such as bleaching. But such a treatment is not only very expensive, but can even harm you in extreme cases: Depending on how high the bleaching hydrogen peroxide is concentrated, your teeth could be significantly more sensitive to pain afterwards. This effect diminishes over time, but is very uncomfortable.

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Bleaching teeth - this is how tooth whitening works

Highly recommended is always a classic tooth cleaning at the dentist. Not only because it lightens your teeth instantly, but also because it removes stubborn deposits that you can not get rid of when brushing normally.

Whether with turmeric, whitening or teeth cleaning or completely without brightening: the main thing, you have a reason to shine the world with your friendly smile! And: You can prevent unpleasant ailments like aphthae!

10 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home (June 2021).

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