How can I prove that my ex-husband works black?

It happens again and again that persons obliged to pay a part of their income black, d. H. in violation of tax and social laws. Such black incomes can be taken into account in the individual case - after reduction of notional taxes and duties - in the maintenance calculation.

It is always difficult to find evidence of moonlighting. Evidence can z. Be witnesses who have been watching your husband at work, lists of names of clients, bank statements that yield unusual cash deposits from your husband, your husband's ads in newspapers offering his labor, photos or movies featuring them you see him working u. a.

If you can not collect this evidence yourself, hire a detective. Of course, the evidence collected by a detective bureau can also be used in court. This procedure is not cheap, but the detective costs can be reclaimed by your husband in case of success.

It would also be good if you had records of your husband's previous income (eg tax bills, balance sheets, salary certificates) - if these records show that he had a higher income before separation, he must justify why he earns less today , One can also inquire with the respective professional organizations, how high the average earnings of a certain professional group is. If, on the basis of a number of indications, it is clear that your husband earns more money than he has indicated, a certain income can be attributed fictitiously to him during the maintenance calculation.

Katharina Mosel is a lawyer in Cologne. As a specialist lawyer, she mainly deals with family law.

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