Here is the explanation why men do not see the dirt

Was a cozy morning. Until now. "Do not you see that?" You ask me. Big eyes. "Can not you really see the filth? Not. Nice. Again. Follow your outstretched index finger and see? Nothing. Your eyes narrow, small slits in a gun bunker, shoot from the lightning: ?There! There! There!? Aha. Nothing.

Instead of being on the ground, you might as well point to the sky and say there are flying saucers. Sure, there will probably be some aliens somewhere in the infinity of space? but I am convinced that it will only knock on my shoulder. Or pulverized me. If I pour in particles over the carpet, then you can vacuum from me.

Turn the tables over. "Do you really see that?" I ask. "Can you really see filth there? So without a microscope or the fluorescent light of a UV lamp ?? Your nostrils flutter. Should you actually say that the bottom does not exist for me. Bottoms of lamps, sinks, tables. And everything below knee level, too far away. That's why sometimes my toes are out of socks.

"Would you like to eat from such a ground, you want to know about me now. Good question. Oh, there is something there next to the chair leg. A piece of mortadella, with pistachio. Or so. Put it in my mouth. Next question, please. Your pH drops rapidly, you are now really angry. The probability increases to see a flying saucer.

Why do you pretend that furniture and garbage have grown together organically with us? Cleanliness? has become a charm that burns in my throat, as if I had drunk a strong sip of biff. Cleanliness? a spongy term with a lot of room for interpretation. Like dirt. Dirty are train station toilets, my thoughts and the laughter of my grandmother. For you everything is basically dirty, on which the cleaning water has just dried. And your? Clean? is driven by the fear that unexpected visit is just around the corner.

Snatch the wiper, run furrows in the floor. With every groove grows my guilty conscience. I do not want to have. Is there. Go to the kitchen, cook. Peace offering. Need also urgently a different taste in the mouth. Mortadella with pistachio. I was wrong with either.

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