Herbal poison in herbal tea! Frightening find in many varieties

Experts of the TV consumer show "Markt" have discovered so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) in many herbal teas. These can lead to liver damage and liver cancer.

The problem: Legally, there are no limits that must be respected - but health experts agree that a value of 0.42 micrograms per day should not be exceeded. Some measured teas were well above this value, a peppermint tea the Rewe own market even came to a value of 0.67 micrograms.

Three peppermint teas and three herbal mixtures were investigated:

  1. "Yes! Peppermint" by Rewe for 49 cents
  2. "Mint" from teapot for 1.99 euros
  3. "Westminster Peppermint" by Aldi for 49 cents
  4. "Kloster Kräuter Blend" by Edeka for 99 cents
  5. "Herbs pure spicy fresh" by Meßmer for 1.99 euros
  6. "Lord Nelson 6 herbs" by Lidl for 89 cents

"There is a possibility that the smallest amounts are sufficient to cause cancer," says toxicologist Prof. Edmund Maser of the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel.

The PA gets into the tea mainly through weeds, which grows on the field near the tea leaves. More about the investigation there on today's Monday evening (20.15 clock, NDR) in the broadcast "market".

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