Heino has gained 15 kilos without realizing it

That was probably a piece of hazelnut cake too much! Folk music star Heino (79, "Blue flowers of the gentian") has gained a whopping 15 kilos. At 1.83 meters, he now weighs a proud 85 pounds, as the "Bild" newspaper reports. Heino himself does not know how that happened. "I still drink my red wine and eat my steak, but I do not feel fat, I'm almost 80 years old, I do not want to count kilos anymore," he told the paper.

Nevertheless, his wife Hannelore is reason enough to put her sweetheart on a diet: "I have to put my Heino on a diet." He has increased so much on the stomach that we have to scrape all his jackets off, he gets the buttons no longer, "she explains. Picture "next. In addition to the hazelnut cake, Heino's beloved fruit gums are now also taboo. Hannelores reasoning: "I do not want Heino to roll soon to his performances."

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