Heiko Lochmann: Big thank-you after his "Let's Dance" -Out

In the third live show, YouTube star Heiko Lochmann (18, "brother before bitch") had to say goodbye to his "Let's Dance" sidekicks. On Instagram, the 18-year-old now thanked for the great support of his fans: "So fast it can go ... # LetsDance - Thank you for your INCREDIBLY (!!) blatant support !! That this is so fast, so have Nobody of all the others has such committed, loving & loyal fans as us! "

In addition, he called his followers to call now all the more for his twin brother Roman Lochmann: "Now it says, Roman press the THUMBS ... the round goes to you, Bro ...", he wrote to his brother, who still in the race for the "Let's Dance" Cup.

However, the retired half of "Lochis" does not look too negative: "I use the time to focus more on the things that are about to happen (album, live tour) and of course always keep the YouTube videos fresh Do not worry about me, friends, life is too beautiful and too short to see only the negative things, falling, cleaning dust, getting up, winning! "


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