Heidi Klum: That's why their Halloween parties are getting better and better

No Halloween without Heidi Klum (45)! For 18 years, the native of Rhineland in the United States annually hosts a gigantic Halloween party. On Wednesday follows Gruselfete number 19. In which unusual presentation the top model will provide this time for enthusiasm, as always a well-kept secret. Only one thing she already reveals: "The costumes are getting bigger and better every year."

That has a reason. For their first Halloween party in 2000, most of the guests came without disguise, as Klum now tells in an interview with "The Hollywood Reporter". Since then, there is the simple rule: no costume, no inlet. Only with one gentleman would the 45-year-old probably make a costume exception. 18 years ago, none other than Prince Andrew (58), the son of Queen Elizabeth II (92), stood in front of her party door. He claimed at the time that he was not the British Royal at all, but merely disguised himself as this one.

Everyone is waiting for their costume

Heidi Klum did not really believe in the success of their parties at the beginning. Now she was even named the official "Queen of Halloween" by the Halloween Association. A title that the German model pays homage to and which it wants to do "year after year". Whether she will succeed with her this year's costume?

Again and again she posts little details of her still unknown disguise on Instagram. Although she says that she has opted for a "very, very cute" costume in 2018, the current pictures are anything but cute. After crooked teeth and a face mask Klum posted on Tuesday a video of a considerable clubfoot.

Fascination masquerade

"I love it when people are no longer recognizable," the 45-year-old continues in an interview. She works on her own costume ideas all year round. "When the party is over, I start thinking about the morning of November 1st." How she comes to her mostly very unusual costumes is different. "Maybe I saw a movie or traveled to a country and got inspired by something I saw there," says Klum.

The inspiration for her 2010 superhero robotic outfit, for example, came to her when she visited Disneyland. After seeing artists walk on stilts, the idea for their purple-red Halloween outfit was born.

Your absolute favorite costume

However, stilts, monkey hair or even five Klum clones can not hold up to a certain costume of the past few years. The 45-year-old liked her staging as an old woman in 2013. Why? "Because I did not become someone else, I became I - just older, I looked into the future, it was great fun," explains the top model. Their now 18th Halloween party will take place on Wednesday evening in New York.

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